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Laptop Lunches and Desktop Collages

25 Jan

Hello lovely readers!  I have two obsessions lately that I just have to share.  I’m always getting bored with my desktop wallpaper, so I like to change it up.  I found a site called Photovisi where you can make free collages online (and don’t even have to sign up). I made the collage above with a few of my favorite photos to use as wallpaper. I also did one of these with photos of my New years resolutions.

I was browsing Whole Foods this past weekend and saw they sold to-go bento boxes from Laptop Lunches. I’ve been spending far too much money lately (and calories) buying lunch at work. These are great not only for saving money but portion control. You can check out my first bento meal attempt above.

We promise more posts to come! Jen has moved to NYC and will have lots of exciting stories to share!


My Twitterific Customer Service Experience

26 May


Who would have thought that a successful tip for surviving life after college would be to use and understand a social media outlet like Twitter?  Well these days if you are not in the know about Twitter and how companies are using it for free to their advantage then your chances of getting a job will decrease greatly.

Oh no not that word again…TWITTER! It is literally the hottest word in the world and is slowly causing a whole new slew of words to arise.  There are new words associated around Twittering for example, Dweet, which is a Tweet you write while drinking alcohol. Due to the uproar of Twitter and the limitations of expressing yourself in a world of only 140 characters a whole new language has evolved and now there are even Twittonaries popping up to help people become better acquainted with the lingo.

Now on to my Twittermazing experience. One Sunday night a few weeks ago due to some frustration I tweeted from my blackberry about how much I disliked Comcast because our cable and Internet never work despite them setting it up and us always paying the bill on time. To my surprise the next morning when I checked Twitter I had an @ reply from someone named ComcastBill asking me what seemed to be the problem. I wrote back and said I simply didn’t know but was dissapointed with the fact that we paid so much and it never just worked correctly. He asked me for the # off of my cable box and then checked it through the system insuring me that it must be a problem with the actual cord because everything else was running smoothly.

He then told me he could send someone out the same afternoon and I told him that my roommate was home so that would work out fine.  A few minutes later I called my roommate to tell her that a Comcast worker would be stopping by and when she answered she told me not only had he already come but he fixed the problem and was already gone!

This amazed me, I didn’t even have to pick up my phone or go online to Comcast and I got my cable fixed within less than 24 hours of it not working! Truly a shining example of a company that has a ton of money and utilizes social media by employing someone to monitor Comcast tweets online all day and night.  I didn’t even have to ask and I got my problem solved for me!

Here are some other great examples of companies using Twitter to enhance there customer service:

HR Block http://twitter.com/hrblock

Whole Foods: http://twitter.com/wholefoods

Southwest: http://twitter.com/southwestair

If all companies were utilizing Twitter their satisfaction rates would most likely go up. The bottom line is that we live in a digital world where people like things to happen at the speed of light and if you can use a free service that is easy to use and easy for your customers to use and is totally sufficient then what are you waiting for?

Why Have I Not Purchased One Of These Sooner?

25 Nov


If I got a quarter for every time I, or someone else in the checkout line at the grocery store says, ” Darn it I forgot my bag in the car!” I’d be a very rich woman. It’s always the same routine: I throw my bag in the car, do some shopping, and then spend the entire time in line, playing a game of tetris with my items to see how best I can stack them without using a bag (of course I forgot my bag in the car). Thankfully, my weakness for last minute purchases at the checkout line payed off today when I threw a Whole Foods reusable Chico bag into my cart. For 2.99 how could I resist? I have so many reusable bags at home I could supply the whole grocery store, but this one was different- it had a key chain! When I got back to the office, I scrunched the bag into a little ball and tucked it into the attached (yes attached!) case and clipped it back to my key chain. 

Maybe it’s the short, slow week that’s making me easily amused, but I think this is a pretty cool find. With an estimated 14 million trees cut down each year for paper bags in the US alone, reusable bags are a great alternative. Head to your nearest Whole Foods, or check out their web site to purchase one.