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Laptop Lunches and Desktop Collages

25 Jan

Hello lovely readers!  I have two obsessions lately that I just have to share.  I’m always getting bored with my desktop wallpaper, so I like to change it up.  I found a site called Photovisi where you can make free collages online (and don’t even have to sign up). I made the collage above with a few of my favorite photos to use as wallpaper. I also did one of these with photos of my New years resolutions.

I was browsing Whole Foods this past weekend and saw they sold to-go bento boxes from Laptop Lunches. I’ve been spending far too much money lately (and calories) buying lunch at work. These are great not only for saving money but portion control. You can check out my first bento meal attempt above.

We promise more posts to come! Jen has moved to NYC and will have lots of exciting stories to share!


Word-Play with Wordle

24 Sep



I’m currently addicted to this fun site Wordle, (thanks to the Genpink blog). It generates “word clouds” by taking the most frequently used words from the text, URL or del.icio.us user which you provide. I tested it out using our site url (shown above) and found it very entertaining! After creating the cloud, you can tweak the font, language, color and layout. You can use the word images for business cards, web sites, brochures, posters, tshirts, or my personal favorite- as a desktop wallpaper.

(Warning- once you start playing with wordle it’s hard to stop)

Fun and Inspirational Wallpaper for your Desktop

27 Jun

As hard as it is to admit, I spend about 75 percent of my time at work staring at my computer screen. (okay fine 85 percent) This is why I’m always on the hunt for fun and interesting wallpaper to spice of my computer a little bit. However when I find a photo or artwork that I want to use, it generally isn’t the right size or looks funny on my computer screen. I find the sites just for free wallpaper remind me too much of the babushka dolls I used to play with as a child. By the time I click through the layers of pop-ups I forget what I was looking for in the first place. Thankfully, Jen (fellow Mad Grad author) told me about realsimple.com‘s inspirational wallpapers. They’re cute, visually appealing, professional and have wonderful quotes on them to inspire you as you work. AND they have different sizes so it won’t look stretched out and weird on your computer. Click here to get one for yourself!