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Potted Plants are the New Prozac

18 Sep

Feeling down? Dissatisfied with work? According to the most recent issue of Real Simple magazine, a potted plant may be just what you need to lift your spirits. Researchers at Texas State University and San Marcos Statue Nature Center, found that workers in offices that contained green plants, felt happier and more satisfied with their jobs than those who did not. 

I’ve never felt such love for the little bamboo plant sitting at the corner of my desk. At my current job, I may have to have a mini-garden at my desk to induce happiness, however this study makes perfect sense. Having plants around the office and on your desk brings life and oxygen into the work environment. 

Go to www.realsimple.com/houseplants for a list of low- maintenance plants for your home or office. Some of my personal favs are the spider plant, bamboo plant and chinese evergreen.