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Keeping your Eye On The Ball…

25 Aug


When I was younger nothing drove me crazier than my softball coach telling me to “keep your eye on the ball!” Okay coach, I think after 11 times I get it. But the truth was, I needed that reminder because a lot of times I’d get distracted. I’d look at the pitcher, or stands, or my mind would wonder to the capri suns after the game- and sure enough I’d miss it. When I did keep my eye on the ball the entire time, I’d get a great hit. Who would have thought that this lesson would apply many years down the road at work?

When we first start off in our jobs, (if we are truthful in the hiring process) we are amped with enthusiasm for our product/services. We network, try to learn as much as possible and can’t wait to use or sell the product ourselves. However, sometimes we get so wrapped up in our daily tasks, that we lose site of the company goal/product.

I know this happened to me recently, at my job. When I took a step back and thought about why I had lost that passion,  I realized it was because I was doing my daily tasks- scheduling, organizing, project managing, but I wasn’t really using the product. I wasn’t reading up on the latest news in the industry, networking, trying to further my education on the subject, and knowing the ins and outs of the product. Instead of this improving my performance, it hindered it because I lost my passion. I took my eye off the ball, and sure enough was missing it. Spending more time trying to increase my knowledge of the product,  sparked back up that energy I needed to run around the bases and get those grand slams.

Of course sometimes, when you come to that point that you realize you are empty of passion, you realize it’s time to move on. The company/product just isn’t motivating you to want to devote your time to it. Other times though (as in my case) it takes finding the balance between doing your daily tasks, and spending extra time gaining insight into your product. “Keep your eye on the ball, and your head in the game”


Inspiration from Mad Men

27 Aug

I’m not sure if you have been watching Mad Men as religiously as I have been lately, but if not you must watch. It profiles an advertising agency in the 1960’s and deals with many issues from women rising in the workplace, to marriage and family. I was very inspired by a quote by one of the characters in last Sunday’s episode. She said to, “Pick a job and then become the person that does it.” Wow, all this time I had spent worrying over my future and current career and I had never thought of life this simply. 

I thought a lot about this quote, and realized what it is essentially saying: Pick a goal and actively pursue it. You can spend your entire life dreaming about one day becoming a writer, president of a company, counselor or athlete, or you can take charge and make it happen. Read books, find mentors, do an internship or another position in the same work environment, or get a second degree. Basically do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. 

As Tim Gunn says on Project Runway, ” Make it work!”