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What We’re Mad About This Week…

21 Nov

front-holiday-cardPoseprints: Our friends started this company a year ago, and all biases aside, if we had to design our dream stationary, this would be it. Using their design tab, you can personalize your stationary with a look-alike pose. They have options for every occasion- christmas cards, birthday invitations, graduation and wedding announcements, recipe cards and more. 

169100_detail-2See Jane Work:  Since most of us spend a good part of our week (okay most of it) at the office, why not invest in some cute and fun office supplies? They have everything from laptop bags, to calendars, notebooks and computer supplies. Check out their sales section for some great deals. 

20something20something bloggers: I know, all you need is one more social networking site to be addicted to. But if you’re like us, and can’t wait to discover new blogs, this is a great community to be a part of.  With over 3,000 members you’re sure to find some new favorite blogs to follow. 

burgerDaily Candy’s ten nibbles and sips under $10: All you sf’ers out there, this is a great list of frugal finds! Eating out can be expensive, and if money’s tight, (especially as you save for xmas presents or if you are like me and moving to a new apartment), it’s always nice to eat out cheaply.

l6092929747_8545The office: In case you didn’t catch last night’s episdode, all we will tell you is.. Toby’s back!!! Yes, the can’t-explain-it hatred between michael and Toby is by far my favorite part about this show, and I was experiencing major withdrawals when he went to Costa Rica. Check out the site to watch it if you missed it, and catch up on the characters blogs. 

grow-21Swirly Career test: Thanks to working-girl for this one (another recent obsession). This quick little career test has been right on for everyone who took it! 

zenhabitszenhabits: This is one of my favorite blogs out there. It covers a variety of topics from motivation, organizing, simplifying, parenting and living frugally.