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Two Cent Tuesdays

29 Jun

Back again for Two Cent Tuesdays and today we have a fairly common question from a recent graduate.

Mad Grad,

I’m just graduated, moved home and I am starting to look for a job. I’ve been hearing a lot about the dismal job market though. Should I be concerned? Help!



Trust us when we say you are not alone in this question. Although the tumultuous economy over the past few years has lead to numerous layoffs and businesses closing their doors, things are finally starting to look up. It is often thought that during a decline in the economy people are more apt to introduce new ideas and entrepreneurship has a chance to thrive. I think we have seen many examples of that recently, especially with the help of technology and social media. With that being said hundreds of new companies have sprung up over the past year because people were willing to take a chance when they had nothing left to lose.

From what I have seen lately there are a lot of jobs out there. On top of that, many of the openings seem to be for fresh out of college motivated and anxious young people. As you mentioned you are starting to look and looking is only half the battle. You could search job postings online for months, instead try to be strategic. Even if you can narrow down the type of work you want to do your search will be much easier.

Target specific companies that are appealing to you and even if they aren’t hiring request an informational interview so you can get a foot in the door and an idea of what it would be like to work there.

The number one thing to do right now is network! I cannot express that enough. Reach out to everyone you know send them your resume for feedback or to pass along. Ask questions to friends, parents anyone who has crossed your path and see if they can help you land a job. Be bold,  courageous and above all don’t be afraid to ask for help! (Seeing as how you emailed us, you are already past that stage!) Good luck and let us know if we can offer any more advice!


The Mad Grad


Fun Opportunity: Calling All Confident Women!

16 Apr

I was recently told about an opportunity that Dove is sponsoring in conjunction Seventeen, Marie Claire or Cosmopolitan. They are searching for searching for fabulous women to be Dove Deodorant Correspondents for each of the publication titles. This would be a short stint which would include a trip to New York, the chance to meet influential bloggers, a photo shoot, and being actively involved in social media.

To enter for the chance to have this one in a lifetime experience all you have to do is share with Dove how you remain confident throughout life’s ups and downs, while approaching life with a fresh perspective? And what activities and interests help support your confidence and help you express your uniqueness? There is a deadline deadline—but it has just been May 5, 2010. After reading the fine print one of the requirements is that you must be between 18-25 years , phew I made the cut off!

Although I applied and would die for this chance I thought it was a great partnership and too good not to share with our lovely readers who are maybe looking for the perfect summer opportunity during college, well this just might be it!

To find out more information about the program and apply click here. I feel lucky to know and surround myself with fabulous, fresh and full of life women everyday!

Happy Friday! Make the most of your weekend!

What We’re Mad About This Week

5 Dec

Four Seasons Design Group: Using metals and other recyclable material, Four Seasons Design Group has many collections from jewelery to housewares. These unique pieces are beautiful and sustainable and are earth friendly Christmas gifts.

ohjoy1Oh Joy!: Looking for some inspiration? One of my favorite design blogs is Oh Joy! Her style is simplistic and she always finds organic and original art, jewelry, stationary, fashion and much much more! Her taste reminds me very much of one of my favorite shops Anthropologie.

wrapping-papper1Reminisce Recycled Gift Wrap: Every year the stores are bombarded with holiday gift wrap. In an effort to stand out and be different while still remaining eco- friendly, Radiant Ideas has a variety of gift wrap that is more like art than your average snowman wrapping paper that you toss in the garbage. This paper might be worth saving!

071016-facebook-predsFacebook Connect: I am sure most have you already heard but our favorite and frankly genius social network site, Facebook has finally rolled out Facebook connect, announcing it Wednesday on TechCrunch . It basically allows you to use your facebook login and if your life doesn’t already revolve enough around facebook you can now connect facebook to everything else you are doing on the web making life a whole lot easier.

Mashable’s 101+ more ways to organize your life: If you are like me and are constantly misplacing everything, it never hurts to have some tools to make your life easier by organizing the major stuff for you. Mashable has come out with this great list of applications to help you organize everything- from shopping, lists, information, school life, events, trips, career searching and more. (be sure to check out ucareer.net)

A Few of my Favorite Facebook Apps..

7 May

When I first got Facebook in college, it was more of a way to connect with the people in my dorm room. I checked in once in awhile purely for friend requests and pokes. I never would have thought that 5 years later, it would become a huge social networking site, where I could check my friends’ status, play fun games, connect with friends and family members, or even find jobs and roommates. They have since developed thousands of applications for your desktop and the web. While Bumper-stickers and Scrabulous may be fun (and addicting) there are some other great Facebook applications that recent graduates and young professionals should take full advantage of. I have listed 5 of my favorites below:


LinkedIn Contacts: This app allows you to share and view your LinkedIn contacts. After typing in your LinkedIn account information, you can view all of your contacts and visit their Facebook profile or add them as a friend. This is a great way to take that connection a step further.

Jobs|Indeed: This website is one of my favorite sites for finding a job, and the facebook app is even better. It searches jobs based on your “resume” which is taken off of your job experience listed on your Facebook profile, and finds places similar to those positions at locations where your friends work. To test it out I typed in my profile and it immediately gave me an incredible amount of job listings for Project manager (my current position) at locations such as Kaiser and Microsoft where friends of mine work. Why is this is a great idea? You have an automatic inside connection at a company you are interested in. 

Gradzilla: This monster of an app from US News and Weekly Report, allows students to access the magazine’s rankings and info on graduate programs. You can search for schools by location, discipline or name, and add them to your list of favorites. You can even send polls to your friends asking them what graduate school they think you should go to. 

Causes: It can be hard to continue volunteering after college, without the many posters around campus reminding you of meetings, and continuous email feeds. Fortunately, this application allows you to stay connected by creating or joining a cause you love, which is linked to a registered non-profit organization. Once you join, you can donate, invite friends to raise awareness and be notified of upcoming events and fundraisers. It’s proof that facebook can really be a viable platform for social change.

Jobster: They had me at the tagline, ” There’s more to life than poking.” This app takes finding jobs to a new level, enabling you to join the “talent network” of your choice of company or field, and in turn receive personalized job alerts. You can also post your resume, and see if you have an inside connection at the company of your choice based on your friend network. If you don’t believe me, ask the 2, 720 daily active users. This applications is a must for anyone on facebook looking for a job.