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Why Have I Not Purchased One Of These Sooner?

25 Nov


If I got a quarter for every time I, or someone else in the checkout line at the grocery store says, ” Darn it I forgot my bag in the car!” I’d be a very rich woman. It’s always the same routine: I throw my bag in the car, do some shopping, and then spend the entire time in line, playing a game of tetris with my items to see how best I can stack them without using a bag (of course I forgot my bag in the car). Thankfully, my weakness for last minute purchases at the checkout line payed off today when I threw a Whole Foods reusable Chico bag into my cart. For 2.99 how could I resist? I have so many reusable bags at home I could supply the whole grocery store, but this one was different- it had a key chain! When I got back to the office, I scrunched the bag into a little ball and tucked it into the attached (yes attached!) case and clipped it back to my key chain. 

Maybe it’s the short, slow week that’s making me easily amused, but I think this is a pretty cool find. With an estimated 14 million trees cut down each year for paper bags in the US alone, reusable bags are a great alternative. Head to your nearest Whole Foods, or check out their web site to purchase one.