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Diving Head First Into The Next Chapter

14 Aug

Last Friday was a bittersweet day for me, from both a professional and personal standpoint. For almost the last two years I have been a part of a wonderful community of people (mostly women) working with the common goal to give women a voice online.

My life is all about stories – telling them, listening to them, and creating them. When I learned about what DivineCaroline was doing in the online space, I immediately knew it would be a perfect match. There is no value that could equal the amount I learned from being submersed in this environment. A job is nothing without the team of people you work with each day. I could not have picked a more brilliant and inspiring group of women to work with.

Next week I will be starting a new job working in a similar role but branching out and working not only in the women’s lifestyle space, but also in green, gaming and entertainment. After a short time training in San Francisco, I am moving to NYC. Leaving a job is always a crucial and difficult decision to make, however there are a few things that led me to my decision.

Over the course of my job I know that I contributed greatly to the culture of the company and pushed the quality of work that we produced. I learned so much about the role and about the industry in general and I was lucky enough to work closely with the founders and the CEO which put  me in a rare, yet wonderful place.

When the opportunity to expand my horizons and the chance to move came together, I listened to my gut and knew it was the right move to make. When we are young we have so many chances to take and new opportunities before us, without much to lose and only the world to gain. As we get older we have more responsibilities and people to think about other than ourselves, it becomes more risky to just get up and move and try something completely new and out of our comfort zone.

As this chapter in San Francisco and my current job comes to an end, I feel good and confident about the mark I will leave with the company. Monday I embark on a new journey, one filled with uncertainty and challenges, I am so grateful and feel so lucky to be exactly where I am right now.

When transitioning from one job to another the most important person to listen to is yourself. Take you time when looking and don’t settle for anything but the best opportunity for you. Remember money is always a nice incentive, but the chance to learn from the best and be a part of a organization with big goals and forward thinking minds is priceless.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
Walt Disney


What are you waiting for? Get out and see the world!

2 Jun

Backpacking through Spain with a Spanish friend

“People need to see that far
from being an obstacle, the
world’s diversity of languages,
religions and traditions is a
great treasure, affording us
precious opportunities to
recognize ourselves in others.
– Youssou N’Dour”

If you haven’t heard me talk about my experience studying and living in Spain during college, then we probably haven’t met yet. Living and going to school in another country has been the most valuable learning experience of my life thus far. I feel so fortunate that I was able to have the opportunity to assimilate myself into another culture and know that because of that time in my life, I am who I am today.

Now, having been of college for a few years and constantly reflecting on that experience I wish I could go back and spend more time in other countries. With graduations currently happening across the U.S. I would ask each and every graduate to consider spending some time in another country. I know money is always an issue but that can be worked out and payed back, you will never get back the time.

With graduation comes the pressure and responsibility of proving to the world that because you have a degree you need to immediately join part the workforce and head straight for the cubicle lifestyle. To counter this, I believe this is the perfect time to travel, volunteer abroad or just spend some time figuring out what interests you outside of a college environment.

Once you start working and piling up the responsibilities it will become more difficult to flee for six months or a year. From what I have seen no employer will look down on someone who valued spending time in other countries and it could potentially help you get a job.

Here is my list of why traveling is important not just for your well-being but also for your future:

Learn another language: Becoming versed in another language will open up doors during your travels, give you an advantage when trying to get a job, and will allow you to work in another country. Learning a language will help you better understand and appreciate political, cultural and social differences.

Improve adaptability: Traveling and living abroad you often find yourself being thrown into new and diverse situations and having to acclimate accordingly. This will improve your ability to take initiative in new environments and open yourself up to experience more outside your comfort zone.

Insight into another culture: Gaining insight into another culture gives us a clearer image of our world as a whole. Seeing how other people live, love and experience life can open your eyes in many ways. It is also fascinating to see how other cultures view the U.S. and being able to create a personal unique stereotype for them.

Find yourself: Traveling and navigating through foreign countries not only helps you learn and meet new people but it is also a chance to learn more about yourself. Instinctively seeing new places and having astonishing experiences makes you think more about what matters to you, and can be a chance to reflect on who you are or who you want to be.

Become more connected to the world: Something I witnessed that is so beautiful it is difficult to put in words is how similar and connected we all are to each other. Whether you live in Spain, Denmark or Istanbul and whatever language you speak, we all laugh, love and have dreams we are chasing. Forming relationships abroad and sharing  your life with someone halfway across the globe is priceless.

With that said, take my advice to see as much of the world as you can because experiences are the best investments and time doesn’t wait.

Book Review: Viva Las David

11 Mar

I just finished reading Viva Lost David which was sent to me by the author Jacob Orenge. This book is a fun and exciting journey of a recent college grad trying to find himself through adventure and heartbreak. A classic a tale of a hardworking college student who spent his whole college career so devoted to his studies that he never actually took the time to enjoy the social aspect of being in college.

When he graduates he decides for once  to listen to his heart and not his head as he follows his man of the moment out to the West Coast landing him in Sin City. Throughout the book David really struggles with the common after school crisis of not wanting to become an adult but feeling the overbearing weight of unspoken expectations that come with a college degree. While trying to figure out his future David has to deal with many roadbumps including, getting his heart broken twice and dealing with family illness.

Ultimately David’s journey leads him to his next journey taking the next steps toward his future (you will have to read the book to find out what this adventure is). This is a great story for anyone who is a millennial and a fun and entertaining read! David is so relatable and it is fun to hear his perspectives on the West Coast vs. NY as I have always wanted to live there.

Other places to find Jacob at his website here and if you happen to live in NY you can catch him doing some live comedy!

Happy Thirsty Thursday all!

How Millennial Are You?

26 Feb

Confident. Connected.  Open to Change.

I came across this quiz today and took it as it only took at few seconds to complete. I scored an 82 out of 100 on how millennial I am, the higher your score, the more you have in common with members of the Millennial generation. There are only a few questions and to be expected many of them have to do with media intake in our daily lives.

The study that was conducted had some interesting findings regarding our generation:

  • They’re less religious, less likely to have served in the military, and are on track to become the most educated generation in American history.
  • They embrace multiple modes of self-expression. Three-quarters have created a profile on a social networking site. One-in-five have posted a video of themselves online. (Can’t say I am part of that group yet)
  • 37% of 18- to 29-year-olds are unemployed or out of the workforce, the highest share among this age group in more than three decades (I think this is sparking a lot of the entrepreneurial spirit in millennials since they cannot find work they are creating and inventing their own work.)
  • They aren’t rushing to the alter, and because many of them grew up with divorced parents, the #1 priority of millenials is being and good parent and the #2 is having a successful marriage.

If you are interested you can download the full report here.

I think I scored only 83% and not 100% because my parents are still married and I don’t have a tattoo. Where do you fit in? Are you a token millennial?

oh and happy friday!

Dating Fail and Exploration

23 Feb

A recent date horror story from a friend led to entertaining story for all of us, but an awful experience for her which probably led her to be even more weary of a friend of a friend of a friend setting her up.

Without going into too much detail let’s just say he was drunk before she even arrived, put down her ambitions,  the area she lived in and bragged about his successes all within the first half hour. Seeing as how he was much older he was than her one would think that he would have some class and in the least some tact when trying to make someone interested in him. I guess this is one of the things you learn in the dating arena age doesn’t mean maturity or even respect.

After this story we starting discussing the ever so popular world of online dating and much to my surprise many friends and many people our age had tried it out. A few years ago I thought that online dating was only for people who were either desperate or just old, but I was wrong. None of my friends that had tried it out developed a relationship from the experience, but they did get out and meet a lot of interesting people.

After this conversation we became more curious so we thought we should ask you guys:

What are your thoughts on online dating?

Have you or anyone you know had success with it?

Do you find a lot of young people who participate?

Do you think there is an age that is too young to try it out?

For some lighter thoughts on online dating here is a great April Fool’s prank that Google did they probably should create a dating site since they have mastered everything else then they could have total internet domination…

And  some thoughts from a comedian about the subject:

“I’ve tried this online dating thing, and it’s so weird. The worst thing about online dating is everybody puts the same hobbies down. You know what the most popular hobby in New York City is? Hiking and biking. We live in New York — where the f**k do you hike? Are you, like, rappelling down the side of your building in the morning?” –  Veronica Mosey

My Twitterific Customer Service Experience

26 May


Who would have thought that a successful tip for surviving life after college would be to use and understand a social media outlet like Twitter?  Well these days if you are not in the know about Twitter and how companies are using it for free to their advantage then your chances of getting a job will decrease greatly.

Oh no not that word again…TWITTER! It is literally the hottest word in the world and is slowly causing a whole new slew of words to arise.  There are new words associated around Twittering for example, Dweet, which is a Tweet you write while drinking alcohol. Due to the uproar of Twitter and the limitations of expressing yourself in a world of only 140 characters a whole new language has evolved and now there are even Twittonaries popping up to help people become better acquainted with the lingo.

Now on to my Twittermazing experience. One Sunday night a few weeks ago due to some frustration I tweeted from my blackberry about how much I disliked Comcast because our cable and Internet never work despite them setting it up and us always paying the bill on time. To my surprise the next morning when I checked Twitter I had an @ reply from someone named ComcastBill asking me what seemed to be the problem. I wrote back and said I simply didn’t know but was dissapointed with the fact that we paid so much and it never just worked correctly. He asked me for the # off of my cable box and then checked it through the system insuring me that it must be a problem with the actual cord because everything else was running smoothly.

He then told me he could send someone out the same afternoon and I told him that my roommate was home so that would work out fine.  A few minutes later I called my roommate to tell her that a Comcast worker would be stopping by and when she answered she told me not only had he already come but he fixed the problem and was already gone!

This amazed me, I didn’t even have to pick up my phone or go online to Comcast and I got my cable fixed within less than 24 hours of it not working! Truly a shining example of a company that has a ton of money and utilizes social media by employing someone to monitor Comcast tweets online all day and night.  I didn’t even have to ask and I got my problem solved for me!

Here are some other great examples of companies using Twitter to enhance there customer service:

HR Block

Whole Foods:


If all companies were utilizing Twitter their satisfaction rates would most likely go up. The bottom line is that we live in a digital world where people like things to happen at the speed of light and if you can use a free service that is easy to use and easy for your customers to use and is totally sufficient then what are you waiting for?