Navigating Through The Stress Of College Life

1 Oct

We think college is hands-down the best four years of your life. From the people you meet, the experiences you have, to the lessons you learn, you make memories that will truly last a lifetime. Yet, when you’re in the middle of a semester and juggling a heavy load of classes, working a part-time job, gaining experience at an internship, participating in sports and academic clubs, being part of a fraternity or sorority, and oh, having some time to enjoy yourself – it may feel like you’ll never get out alive! College can be very stressful, but learning to combat that stress can greatly assist you in preparing for the stress of life after college. Here’s some tips for getting you through it!

Get Yourself Organized!
Some people have more of a knack for it than others, but committing to being more organized is an important first step. Create a Google Calendar or use the calendar on your cell phone to schedule yourself – put in when you have sports practice, when clubs meet, and any other meetings or regular activities you need to attend to. Then, create an ongoing to-do list for yourself using a whiteboard or a simple word document, and list out all the things you need to do, and organize them according to their priority levels. Jotting all of your meetings, events, and to-do’s down goes a long way in easing your stress – just having to remember all of that can cause stress! Plus, the feeling of crossing items off your to-do list is so satisfying, isn’t it?

Schedule In Some Me-Time.
We know it might seem a little odd to add “me-time” to your calendar, but trust us, you’ll need the reminder to take a breather and focus on yourself. We recommend scheduling at least an hour of leisure time each day, where you can spend time doing whatever you’d like – relaxing in front of the tv, hitting the gym, spending time with friends – this time is all about YOU, so spend time enjoying yourself!

Gravitate Towards Happiness!
When we’re stressed, we tend to naturally gravitate towards people and things we find unpleasant. Instead, train yourself to focus on the positives in your life, and spend time with the people who make you happy. We can’t avoid everything we find unpleasant, but you don’t have to wallow in it. If you
find yourself succumbing to the stress doldrums, think of three places, events, and people you enjoy. Surround yourself with photos and reminders of them. Include quotes that inspire you, on your desk, on your notebooks, and even on your cell phone.

You can beat stress, and committing yourself to getting through the stress and loving all the great things in your life will put you a mile ahead of the pack when you graduate from college and face the stress of the “real world” head on. Take it from us – owning and being able to connect Greek members with the Sorority Apparel, Fraternity Apparel, and Greek Merchandise perfect for them is our dream job, but we’re quite the busy bees! Life is short, so learn to enjoy it, no matter how busy your life is!

This is a guest post that was written by Alicia of Greek for Me you can check out their own insightful blog here.
Thanks to Alicia and Greek for Me for giving our readers a fresh perspective!


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