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25 Things You’ll Wish You Tried If You Died at 25

19 May

Our friends over at COED Magazine thought our readers would enjoy this post. Since I am on the cusp on 25 myself I have been thinking more about things I want to try in life and a few on them are most certainly on this list, especially sky diving and I could definitely do some damage with a $100 at a candy store.

You’re 24 and invincible right? No amount of drugs or alcohol is going to kill such a fantastic young man. Wrong. Anyone can die at anytime — including the upstanding readers of COED. So stop sitting around acting like you’re going to live forever. Life is short and only getting shorter every time you click on NSFW material on your work computer.  Print out this list and get cracking on completing on these 25 things before you die. But wait, before you get started and begin live-tweeting your adventures, keep in mind that you won’t be getting a reality show or a book deal out of it. MTV’s Buried Life already took that honor away from every single guy hoping to turn his bucket list adventures into a profitable media deal.


1. Climb a mountain

2. Travel to Amsterdam, and then make your way to…wait…what?… Stay in Amsterdam.

3. High roll in Vegas.

4. Hedonism III. Look it up…no seriously.

5. Go to Japan: Sounds lame? No, you’re totally right, it’s definitely not going to be frickin’ splendiferous when you enter a country where the average height is 3 inches shorter, American looks are idealized, the food is strangely delicious, and their porn would make even Ava Devine blush. Sounds terrible.


1. Look directly into a solar eclipse.

2. Start a fight club.

3. Take ecstasy and take Viagra and see what happens.

4. Say “I love you”… don’t mean it… continue the relationship for 10 years while maintaining a stable of hussies on the side. Plan out an elaborate, month long scavenger hunt whilst dropping hints to her friends that you are thinking of proposing. When she finally gets to the last item on the hunt, lead her to a high-wasted midget dressed in a count chocula costume, who pulls out a toy gun and fires it at her. A flag comes out of the gun that says “Surprise… Maximus Steele Slagathor Johnson… wants to break up.”

5. Change your name to Maximus Steele Slagathor Johnson.


1. Cross country road trip with your buddies.

2. 3-some. No, a drunken “Wobbly-H” with your bro and some chick who hates her dad doesn’t count.

3. Skydive.

4. Rent a Ferrari and drive on the Autobahn.

5. Go scuba diving in shark infested waters. Maybe it’s best to save this one for old age, but still, what better way to prove your own badassery than to have ‘bath time’ with Piscine tubes of teeth, and death. Best case scenario: you survive and say that you went swimming with an apex predator. Worst case scenario: you get eaten and as result have a head stone that Jason Statham would be jealous of: “Here lies Maximus Steele Slagathor Johnson, he was eaten by sharks…after he swam up to one and bit it”


1. Try the best beer in the world: Trappist westvleteren 12

2. Go to the best restaurant in the world: Noma in Denmark

3. Do a Wendy’s Home Run in one sitting: Classic single, classic double, classic triple, spicy Baconator. You hero.

4. Eat a deep fried twinkie: or don’t if you have an overwhelming phobia of time-bending, reality shifting, mouth-gasm stimulating, deliciousness.

5. With your best friends open a high interest savings account that you each put $50 a month into until the last one of you gets married. Assuming 4 friends and 15 years total, you’ve got at least 50k with interest. Proceed to buy a bottle of The Macallan Fine and Rare Collection, 1926 scotch ($38,000), Gurkha’s premier cigar, His Majesty’s Reserve ($750/ cigar), some super cheap hookers, and have the best night ever.


1. Go on a Zero gravity flight.

2. Covert Ops: Think ‘Total Recall’ except there is no possibility of running into a chick with three boobs…or is there?

3. Get an Arch-enemy. It doesn’t really matter how you do it; craigslist, softball league, impromptu bar fight, but a hero is only as cool as his villain so get one ASAP. Cape optional.

4. Enter a candy store and drop a $100 dollar bill on the ground. Seems silly, but imagine being 6 years old and suddenly having access to every diabetes causing snack on the planet. You’ve just become a legend.

5. Rent a low flying hot air balloon. Grow a mustachio. Wear a tuxedo with a top hat, cane, and monocle. Bring a telescope and spend a day hovering over a suburban town, shouting judgments from your ivory tower, laughing maniacally, and showering the townsfolk in fake gold coins. Rest assured that people will never forget you.

Yes some of these are a bit extreme but that is what being young is about right, living it up until the responsibilities start piling up and you have no time or will left to go to Amsterdam or eat a deep-fried twinkie (yuck!).

So what are some things on your list?


Two Cent Tuesdays

4 May

Hello Lovely Readers! We have started a new series where every week we like to call Two  Cent Tuesdays (because lets face it we are no experts but we do like to offer the two cents we do have) where we will be answering questions about graduating, job hunting, dating, and anything that comes to mind you’d like us to answer. We’ve learned a lot in the 3 years since graduation that we’d love to share with you.

Today’s question comes from Sarah, a recent graduate from UCLA:

Dear Mad Grad,

I graduated early to get a head start on the interview process. Despite just graduating, I’ve had a lot of interviewers voice their concern over my lack of experience. (Even though these are entry-level positions that say recent-grads encouraged) How can I get experience, if no one will hire me?!


This has been one of the biggest problems I faced myself after graduating. The sad thing is that with the current economy, people with 1-2 years (or more!) of experience are applying for the same entry-level positions you are. Thankfully, there are some ways to get around this:

1. Volunteer. When you volunteer, you not only make a difference and meet tons of new people, but you get the chance to have roles that you would not in a paid full time position. This can be a major resume booster and eye-catcher for employers. If there are any gaps in your unemployment, interviewers are probably going to ask you about them. It’s better to be able to say “While I was job searching, I continued to pursue my passion for teaching, and tutored low-income students.” And this will put you first in line, in case full-time positions open with the organization as well.

2. Get a connection within the company you are applying for. Let every person you have every might know you are job searching. I did this and when my Aunt met someone in line at Starbucks whose company was hiring, I was the first person she called! While you may not have the experience as someone, if you know someone within the company that can attest to your work ethic, that is major points. Sign up on linked in, go to every networking event possible, and you will expand your network in no time.

3. Do Internships and pro-bono work. I know, I know, you just graduated, and can’t imagine that with thousands of dollars spent on your degree, you are doing work for free. But in many/most cases an internship will lead to a paid job at the company. If a position doesn’t open at the end of your internship, chances are they will know of other companies hiring to recommend you to. (trust me I’ve seen this in action). If you go in there with a positive attitude, working harder than the full-time employees, chances are they aren’t going to let you go. Also, if you are looking to get into marketing, journalism, or graphic design, there are many wonderful start-ups out there that would love your expertise. Great way to jazz-up that resume!

Good luck with the job hunting 🙂 Email us at and we will  answer your questions!!!!!

Why 1,200 Young People Choose Entrepreneurship Over Jobs

3 May

The wonderful Virgilia from GenJuice did a guest blog for us! We hope you will check out her awesome site and enjoy the blog post below. We’ve also included the video above from our good friend Brenton over at ConvoSpark, explaining why he joined the GenJuice Movement.

You’ve just coasted your way through your undergrad years, thrown your cap in the air, and are ready to step into the “real world.” But are you really prepared for what’s ahead, or are you just following what’s expected of you?

Well why stop being creative after your undergrad years? Below are three reasons why we will see over 1,200 young people choose entrepreneurship over unsatisfying careers during the GenJuice Tour.

1. Social Media/Technology

The digital age has made it easier for young people to start their own businesses.  We have incredible access to resources and information. We are enabling ourselves to take charge and we don’t even realize it! Just think about all the great tools you already use daily (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs) and design a way to find other young go-getters, advertise your company, and establish your own brand.

2. Economic downturn

Students who invested years into higher education were blasted with the shock of the economic downturn two years ago. The lack of security and uncertainty of the economy have turned young people to find happiness in their own ventures. Wouldn’t you rather spend time on what you love rather than devoting endless hours to online job applications?

3. Passion = Work = Money = A Happy Lifestyle

The greatest misconception is that work leads to happiness.  Some people accept the fact that a job is just a means to an end. But think about it: the average person works over 8 hours a day and spend more time with work than they do with anything else.  If this is the case, they why not love what you do?

Times are changing take my example: I just left my stable job with a prestigious consulting firm to follow my entrepreneurial dreams; the day after I was promoted. Why? I was tired of working 100+ hours a week when I was unhappy, wasn’t able to make my own decisions, was constantly dreaming about my own ideas, forgot about my own well-being, and lost track of those who I cared about most. After constant chats with my amazing team, I realized that ideas are just ideas until they are implemented. I needed to take a leap of faith before it was too late.

Finding the courage to start your own company is difficult. You have to be open to constantly changing ideas, finding a team, and truly believing in yourself. But this is all a part of the process of making your projects or ventures as successful as you’d like them to be.

We hope to help the 1,200 young entrepreneurs (100 from each of the 12 cities we’re highlighting) who have chosen entrepreneurship over jobs during the GenJuice Tour.  Each event has one goal: to help you find your potential co-founder or team member to build that next project or company you’re ready to start!

If you’d like to attend an event where you have the opportunity to connect with other young entrepreneurs, feel free to check out a GenJuice Tour event in your city.

~ Virgilia Singh
Co-Founder, GenJuice