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How Millennial Are You?

26 Feb

Confident. Connected.  Open to Change.

I came across this quiz today and took it as it only took at few seconds to complete. I scored an 82 out of 100 on how millennial I am, the higher your score, the more you have in common with members of the Millennial generation. There are only a few questions and to be expected many of them have to do with media intake in our daily lives.

The study that was conducted had some interesting findings regarding our generation:

  • They’re less religious, less likely to have served in the military, and are on track to become the most educated generation in American history.
  • They embrace multiple modes of self-expression. Three-quarters have created a profile on a social networking site. One-in-five have posted a video of themselves online. (Can’t say I am part of that group yet)
  • 37% of 18- to 29-year-olds are unemployed or out of the workforce, the highest share among this age group in more than three decades (I think this is sparking a lot of the entrepreneurial spirit in millennials since they cannot find work they are creating and inventing their own work.)
  • They aren’t rushing to the alter, and because many of them grew up with divorced parents, the #1 priority of millenials is being and good parent and the #2 is having a successful marriage.

If you are interested you can download the full report here.

I think I scored only 83% and not 100% because my parents are still married and I don’t have a tattoo. Where do you fit in? Are you a token millennial?

oh and happy friday!


Dating Fail and Exploration

23 Feb

A recent date horror story from a friend led to entertaining story for all of us, but an awful experience for her which probably led her to be even more weary of a friend of a friend of a friend setting her up.

Without going into too much detail let’s just say he was drunk before she even arrived, put down her ambitions,  the area she lived in and bragged about his successes all within the first half hour. Seeing as how he was much older he was than her one would think that he would have some class and in the least some tact when trying to make someone interested in him. I guess this is one of the things you learn in the dating arena age doesn’t mean maturity or even respect.

After this story we starting discussing the ever so popular world of online dating and much to my surprise many friends and many people our age had tried it out. A few years ago I thought that online dating was only for people who were either desperate or just old, but I was wrong. None of my friends that had tried it out developed a relationship from the experience, but they did get out and meet a lot of interesting people.

After this conversation we became more curious so we thought we should ask you guys:

What are your thoughts on online dating?

Have you or anyone you know had success with it?

Do you find a lot of young people who participate?

Do you think there is an age that is too young to try it out?

For some lighter thoughts on online dating here is a great April Fool’s prank that Google did they probably should create a dating site since they have mastered everything else then they could have total internet domination…

And  some thoughts from a comedian about the subject:

“I’ve tried this online dating thing, and it’s so weird. The worst thing about online dating is everybody puts the same hobbies down. You know what the most popular hobby in New York City is? Hiking and biking. We live in New York — where the f**k do you hike? Are you, like, rappelling down the side of your building in the morning?” –  Veronica Mosey

Dating in the Big Little City

11 Feb

In the past almost two years in which we have had this blog we have never broached the subject of relationships and dating and I am not sure why. Dating is an crazy part of life after college and is definitely worthy of being discussed. The methodolgy in meeting people in general after college is a definite shift from all the people you have met in your life previously.

After our own experience and hearing story after story from friends we think that we may be able to offer some valid dating advice or at least some comical relief. If any of you have great stories or advice that you would like to share as well please contact us so we can post it.

You can’t buy love on eBay. – Anonymous

What is Your Art of Activism?

9 Feb

Last week I went to  see Robert Redford speak at the Kabuki Theater in San Francisco during a series he is currently doing called The Art of Activism representing the Redford Center in Berkeley which has been part of his lifetime commitment to social and environmental change. The night was framed as a conversation about activism with Redford who has years of experience under his belt.

Overall it was interesting, however I surprised that the format seemed very informal and unprepared. San Francisco is already a very active city and I think the people that attended the event were really hoping to gain some solid advice about how to make significant changes. Most of the night consisted of Redford and the director of his center discussing his past achievements, which although very impressive I had heard about in the past.

Although the night wasn’t everything I was hoping for there were a few great things that I took away with me and thought I should share them with you all.

  • The theme of the event was the art of activism and he turned the tables to the audience and asked, What is your art of activism? What is the one thing that you want to see happen that you are willing to stick by and see all the way through. He said he has seen a lot of people dapple in different causes but never fully see them through to the point of creating worthwhile change.
  • Do our actions reflect our values? A simple but important question to ask yourself when going through the motions of everyday life.
  • How much are we going to develop for our world and how much are we going to preserve? What kind of condition are we going to leave our world in for the generations to come?
  • Take advantage of the roll nature can take in your life. With all the media constantly bombarding us take time each week to step away from technology and listen to your thoughts and the sounds of nature.
  • The foundation of making any social change in the world begins with the art of storytelling and connecting all the stories we hear. Make sure to spread your story and make your voice heard, with all the communication outlets we have at our fingertips it couldn’t be any easier.

To sum it all up there is ALWAYS something to be done and always something we can do. For me the challenge is really finding one thing and sticking to it, going to events like these and seeing the incredible accomplishments of one person who puts there mind to it definitely helps push me along.

I want to leave you with one quote that Redford said that stuck in my mind, “There is only the trying the rest is not our business” – T.S. Elliot

Real Life 101

6 Feb

I came across this link today that I couldn’t resist sharing. Now let’s just hope this link somehow lands on the desk of college administrators and inspires them to have courses that are applicable to the real world. (Although memorizing 200 notecards while munching on Cheetos, downing a coke and dreaming about the weekend DID teach me how to multi-task)

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