Traveling for Work

22 Sep

I recently got back from a two week business trip to New York City. Being only my second business trip I had lots of presumptions and ideas about what it was going to entail. Two weeks is such a long time I thought I would be able to catch up with family, old friends, and see all the sights. I was wrong. Business trips are fun and exciting but they are also a lot of work and so I am going to share with you some tips that helped me along the way and will hopefully better prepare me for my next trip.

  • Stay in a hotel close to your office– Many people I know have stayed with friends during business trips which seems like a good idea to save your company money, but it is hurting them more than if stayed in a hotel. While staying with friends it is easy to get distracted from your main purpose of being there and go out late and feel more in vacation mode than work mode. Stay in a hotel and catch up with your friends if you stay throughout a weekend.
  • Get that wake up call just in case- If you are like me you have a super annoying song on your phone as your daily alarm clock but it doesn’t hurt to get that extra hotel wake up call to get you going. Many times traveling will cause you to get jet lagged and you don’t want to miss an important meeting so drink lots of water and get back up to get you out of bed!
  • Grab some snacks from the store- Many times you are on a business trip for a specific project or meeting and these can run very late given the time crunch of how long you are in town for. Be sure to pick up some granola bars and some other snacks to tie you over if you have a late night or a super early morning and need the energy. 
  • Go with the flow- It is always important whether you are at another location for your work or working somewhere else that you take note of when people come and go. It may be that in your office everyone leaves at 5 on the dot but if you notice people working until 8 at your other location it is important to put the extra time in and show them your work ethic. Your boss with recognize and appreciate this. 
  • Comprehend your purpose of being on a business trip- You are obviously important enough to get to travel somewhere and either represent your company or work with others in another location of your job, don’t forget this. It is easy to be tempted to go out with co-workers or friends after work but remember you need to be on your A game since people are paying for you to travel. Don’t go overboard on the meal spending but make sure that you are well fed and eating as you would at home.

Going on a business trip is always a good opportunity and it is nice to be able to see a new part of the country or world, just remember these tips and keep working hard so that your office will want to send you to more new and exciting places.


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