Sunday Night Inspiration

22 Sep

I recently came across this image while looking at a site my sister had told me about Things I have learned in my life. For some reason it struck me and inspired me to write a post. The site is basically a collaboration of illustration, photography, typography and other graphics and images that people posted with some kind of message about things they have learned in life.

It is a good place to openly share your thoughts anonymously. When I saw this one that reads “mistakes are the beginning of discovery” it got me thinking. We are young and so afraid of messing up and making mistakes thinking that somehow we are going to ruin a path we are trying to create for our lives. I think this saying is important to think about because often times our mistakes are what lead us into great thoughts and ideas. From our mistakes we grow and change and have the ability to become better then we once were.

In my newfound adulthood I shy away from ideas I want to develop or things I want to accomplish because I am scared of messing up along the way. Life is too short to sit back and not take risks or worry about making mistakes. I encourage you to share your ideas and thoughts with the world. I truly believe that anyone can do anything they set their mind to. Who knows where your mistake could lead you, after all you won’t ever know unless you try.


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