Grad School.. Only Fools Rush in

5 Jun

For some of you smart cookies out there, it might be very tempting to go straight into grad school after college. If you sat at graduation eagerly awaiting your next final,  and if you from birth knew your life calling and it had at no point changed since then, by all means go for it! But for the rest of us lost souls who change our “future professions” more than we change our toilet paper rolls, going straight to grad school might not be the best idea.  Here’s why:

After college, you are filled with a great deal of knowledge, but not experience. You may have learned about modern art from Pollock to Warhol and anxiously waited the day where you would work in an Art Gallery. However, you graduate and land an internship at a museum only to discover a passion for psychology.  This situation is very common among recent graduates. Many of us find that once we are in the jobs that we daydreamed of during college classes, they aren’t anything like we expected. Very few of our jobs end up even being related to our field of study.

I might be an extreme example, but since graduating a year ago, I am already on my 3rd job! I went from psychology, to law to project management. As crazy as this sounds, I wouldn’t trade it for anything because each job has brought me a step closer to what I want to do. It is especially hard with parents, friends and the media pushing us towards certain positions. (I can’t say wanting to be a lawyer had nothing to do with the glamour of Law and Order) 

Post Graduation is a confusing, emotional and exciting time for most of us. Racing into grad school, when you are not completely sure of what you want to do will only waste your time, effort and money. The amount of time you choose to take depends on how ready you are, and what field you are in. The average age of business school applicants is 27. They usually require at least 4 years of working experience. The average age applying to Law School is slightly lower around 24.7. 

Point being the recommended age of applying to grad school varies depending on your desired area of study. But no matter what you decide to do, taking at least a year off after college and volunteering, interning or working in the field that interests you BEFORE applying to grad school can be life changing. It will not only improve your application if you choose to go with the career, but will save you lots of time and money if you take another path.

For some, grad school can be an excellent choice to gain knowledge and advance your career, but don’t rush into it. Years down the road, you don’t want to feel “stuck in your job” because you spent so much time and money in Grad School to get there. Instead, take your time and enjoy the journey. 



One Response to “Grad School.. Only Fools Rush in”

  1. susie September 23, 2008 at 2:35 am #

    You girls are such amazing writers. I think you should write a book together. I’ve been reading your blog archives for about 15 minutes and i already feel like i have learned something.

    P.S. thanks for the shout out in the GCHAT blog! You are so right, g-chat needs to stop.

    Love ya both. Move to NYC.

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